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EGR Solution | Dundee | TayTec Tuning

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Today we take a closer look at the role of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, and the potential issues you may encounter.

What is an EGR?

An EGR, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation device, is a component that is used in most modern diesel vehicles. The EGR aims to recirculate some exhaust gas back into the engine.

EGR Valve

You constantly see references to EGR systems in ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning, but their role is often misunderstood. In essence, they are used by manufacturers to reduce emissions on Diesel engines, specifically NOx or Nitrogen Oxides (not to be confused with Nitrous Oxide, which is an altogether different gas!).

How does an EGR work?

A proportion of the engines exhaust gas is recirculated back into the air intake for the heat generated through combustion to reduce the percentage of NOx being released into the main exhaust flow and thus to atmosphere.

How does EGR work?

What are the benefits of an EGR?

On paper, there are several benefits to having an EGR system. Some of those include reduced NOx emissions and claims of a cleaner engine and exhaust system.

The real effect of EGR Systems on Engine Performance

Anyone who understands how an engine wants to perform optimally may question the above, after all, we know that cold dense air full of oxygen is what we need for a happy and healthy engine and you would be absolutely correct! The EGR system is forcing the engine to fill its cylinders with a proportion of waste air, from which the oxygen has already been used during combustion first time around.

Manufacturers generally pre cool this air prior to re using it, but we can immediately see, that although NOx is being reduced which is great news for the environment, it is very bad news for the efficiency of your engine.

So, aside from the inefficiency introduced, what other side effects are there?

Issue #1 - EGR Valve Faults

  • The percentage of exhaust gas being circulated is controlled by the vehicles ECU and varies depending on various factors. While this air has been cooled it has not yet been filtered (read about the role of the Diesel Particulate Filter here) so amounts of carbon can deposit themselves on the valve itself leading to reduced flow or it blocking entirely, in turn causing ECU fault codes.

Blocked EGR

Issue #2 - DPF Faults

  • Should an EGR system become blocked up, a larger proportion of exhaust gas will naturally need flow directly out of the exhaust through the Diesel Particulate Filter, in quantities it is not designed for, which can overwhelm the filter allowing large amounts of deposits to form here too leading to further issues and repair bills.

What are the risks of driving with a blocked EGR?

If you continue to drive with a blocked EGR, you can harm your engine and ancillary components.

How can I tell if my EGR is blocked?

There are some signs that your EGR has become blocked. Some of the signs and symptoms are:

  • Reduced engine power

  • Increased fuel consumption

  • Smoke from the exhaust

  • Engine warning lights

  • ECU Faults codes

  • Limp mode

How can I get my EGR fixed?

There are several methods which can be used to fix an EGR fault. The choice of the solution will depend on the severity of the blockage.

EGR cleaning: This is the most common way to fix a blocked EGR. The EGR is cleaned with the use of a chemical cleaner. This method is normally more than sufficient for minor to moderate blockages.

EGR replacement: This is the most expensive choice and will be avoided by regular maintenance and consideration. TayTec Tuning can provide ongoing services to protect and extend your EGR's lifespan; should it require further attention, we have you covered there too

Why choose TayTec Tuning?

If you are searching for an EGR solution in Dundee, choose TayTec Tuning. We are a supplier of EGR cleaning and alternative solutions. Serving Dundee and Scotland, we have a team of experienced and qualified technicians to care for you and your vehicle from start to finish.

The TayTec Tuning EGR Solution

The EGR valve can be removed entirely or blanked over, we then delete the ECU fault codes associated with it's removal releasing the following benefits:

  • Better Economy

  • Improved Throttle Response

  • Significantly Lower Carbon Deposits

Additional Information

Here is some more info relating to the EGR system:

  • EGRs are required in most modern vehicles to enable conformity with emissions requirements.

  • EGRs may be at risk of clogging, which can address several issues, including reduced engine power, improved fuel use, and smoke from the exhaust.

  • Suppose you believe your EGR is becoming blocked. In that case, it is critical to have it checked by a qualified technician as quickly as possible.


If you are searching for an EGR solution in Dundee, look no further than TayTec Tuning. We are a leading EGR cleaning, disabling, and software solutions supplier. We serve the Dundee and Tayside area and have a team of experienced and certified technicians who can help you with all your EGR needs.

Speak to us today to discuss the options for you and your vehicle

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