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Vans & Commercials

At Taytec Tuning we understand the challenges of operating a van or commercial vehicle fleet of any size.  From a sole trader with one van, to a national fleet operating thousands, we understand the near impossible task of budgeting fuel spend as the data to support any planning is just not accurate.

Fuel Economy Figures

Did you know the difference between laboratory fuel economy and real world figures is significant and it is estimated this discrepancy can cost a typical European driver over £500 per year.....that's per vehicle and based on average mileage.

This becomes a serious issue when it relates to a fleet of commercial vehicles. 

In 2001 it was estimated the difference between figures was around 9% and had risen to around 42% in 2015 when 'Dieselgate' hit the press.  Despite the scandal, manufacturers still struggle to promote accurate figures and it is expected this difference will soar to over 50% in the next few years.

Therefore budgeting for business fuel spend based on manufacturers figures alone is impossible due to this difference, but you can trust TayTec Tuning to deliver real results to lower your fuel spend.

We can provide a fuel save remap service which is suitable for small businesses, fleet vehicle operators and private car owners alike and it's called BlueOptimize™.

Our partner VIEZU Technologies first started developing fuel efficiency tuning in 2008 and their findings confirmed there are several reasons the figures differ from manufacturers brochures.

Driving style, routes through cities, traffic, payload and many more parameters are applied to create a custom made solution for your vehicle and savings of up to 20% can be seen.

The solution is an engine remap installed on over 80,000 vehicles, including some of the largest fleet operators in the UK.

Vans & Commercials

The software was developed to consider not only real-world driving conditions but also how the vehicle is being used by the individual or fleet vehicle operator. 

VIEZU's work with British Telecom says it all, £4m savings per year across their OpenReach fleet!

10 good reasons to BlueOptimize™ your fleet

1.  Savings on fuel bills of up to 20%
2.  Reduction in overall emissions
3.  Zero impact on warranty/residual value

4.  No mechanical modifications
5.  Installation in as little as 1 hour
6.  One-off installation fee, no subscription needed
7.  Return on investment within 6 months or less
8.  No on-going fees
9.  Reset to standard at any time
10.  Guaranteed instantaneous fuel saving

Fuel Savings

The best way to fully understand the possible savings for a fleet like yours is to carry out a real world trial. 

VIEZU Technologies have conducted trials across a number of vehicles for many of their clients.  These trials take place over a set period of time to demonstrate how BlueOptimize™ Technology works for the fleet’s particular vehicles and use. 

This has been found to be the most effective way of calculating fuel savings, taking into account a number of variables, including:

•  Different vehicle types and uses (for example differing loads and journey types)
•  Different drivers
•  Differing vehicle conditions and age

VIEZU’s BlueOptimize™ economy solutions are fully customised according to the fleet’s vehicle mix and use.  The following case studies provide real world fuel saving data, demonstrating a return on investment in less than six months, in some cases as little as three.

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Taytec Tuning
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