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Updated: Aug 27, 2023

We've already investigated Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems and an EGR Solution but what about the DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter system?

Firstly, we must point out the physical removal of a DPF from a UK road vehicle is illegal and will fail an MOT test. There are of course other situations where DPF Solutions are required, such as Motorsport or specialist projects and TayTec Tuning can assist. In the meantime, let's look at the system and how it interacts with your vehicle.

DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter

A DPF is an emissions control device which does exactly what it says on the tin; it's role is to filter particulates (seen as sooty deposits) from the exhaust gas of your diesel vehicle. It does this by forcing exhaust gasses to flow through a honeycomb style filter assembly which traps and stores the particles.

Sooty Exhaust


You may well have heard the term "DPF Regeneration" mentioned, this just describes the method the system uses to purge itself by burning off what it has trapped, and it achieves this with the use of heat, either ordinarily through day to day driving when the exhaust heats up sufficiently to self-regulate the contents, or as a command sent from the ECU when it detects the contents of the DPF have risen to around half full.

Sounds good right?

Well yes, absolutely, when working as designed, modern DPFs do their job very efficiently and it's seldom you see plumes of smoke emanating from the back of a diesel vehicle these days. But like any system, they can be prone to issues when not maintained or not working optimally.

Soot will burn off at around 300˚C , so providing the vehicle gets plenty of longer drives at reasonable engine speeds, it's unlikely any issue should occur. This isn't the reality of many journeys though, especially commercial vehicles which do a lot of regular stops. The engine barely reaches sufficient temperature or should a regeneration be in progress and a stop is needed, the process is interrupted.

What are the symptoms of a blocked DPF?

If your DPF is blocked, you can expect some of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Reduced engine power

  • Increased fuel consumption

  • Smoke from the exhaust

  • Engine warning lights

  • ECU fault codes

  • Limp mode

What are the risks of driving with a blocked DPF?

Continued operation with a blocked DPF can result in engine or component damage. You can also be liable to prosecution due to excessive exhaust smoke.

How can I get my DPF fixed?

There are several ways a blocked DPF can be rectified. The type of rectification depends on the severity of the blockage.

DPF cleaning: This is a common way to restore a blocked DPF. The DPF is cleaned using a custom air fed chemical foam and sprayed directly into the filter housing. Not to be confused with the far less effective aerosol sprays deployed into the air intake, this technique is very effective for moderate blockages.

DPF forced regeneration: Forced regeneration is a means of forcing a vehicle to carry out a regen procedure on command. Sometimes, the criteria for the vehicle to do a regen itself is unmet (lots of short journeys when the engine doesn't get up to operating temperature), and the filter never gets the opportunity to purge itself. This method is not without risk as the temperatures created can be very harmful. It's vital therefore to only ever allow trained technicians like TayTec Tuning to carry out the work. We have seen numerous cases of melted internal components and irrecoverable damage caused by incorrect use of forced or static regeneration.

In-tank additives: While we fully endorse and supply quality DPF additives, it is very important that the correct selection is made. As a preventative measure, a DPF regen cleaner can encourage good regeneration, however, again due to the high temperatures which can be generated, these types of additives if used with a blocked DPF can cause significant damage.

There are several examples of fires resulting from a combination of the incorrect additives being used and a forced regeneration being carried out on a blocked DPF - Please, speak to us for advice.

DPF replacement: We wish to avoid a failed DPF at all costs, as their replacement is expensive. With ongoing maintenance and a more in-depth service from us if ever required, you can rest assured your DPF will last as long as the vehicle it is fitted to.

How can TayTec Tuning help?

We use the latest generation diagnostic equipment supporting all makes so we can resolve the issue by either diagnosing the root cause of the blocked DPF and carrying out safe cleaning and regeneration or where a nuisance ECU fault code is present, we can delete them.

Why choose TayTec Tuning?

If you want a DPF solution and DPF Cleaning in Dundee, choose TayTec Tuning. We are a main DPF cleaning, regeneration, and alternative tuning services provider. Serving Dundee and surrounding areas, we have a team of experienced and certified technicians who can help you with all your DPF needs.

Contact us for more info or to discuss a solution in more depth for your vehicle and restore your vehicles power, or better yet, combine a DPF Solution with an ECU Remap for either Performance or Economy.

0330 030 3404

07555 582030

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