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Performance Tuning

Remaps custom designed around your individual vehicle parameters.  Your current vehicle settings are read and optimised for quicker engine response, more torque and increased BHP.  This modified file is then re-written back to your ECU. 

As a result, the vehicle recognises the software as its own.  We never use generic maps, so we can tailor each file to your individual requirements.  Say for instance you have an aftermarket exhaust or air intake system, no problem, we can take advantage of that.

As a side effect of a performance fuel map, you will also benefit from improved MPG.


Economy Tuning

Focussed around saving you money!  The torque curve is reprofiled to deliver lower in the rev range, meaning overall less fuel is used.  Savings of up to 20% are possible.

In these times of skyrocketing fuel bills, this is an increasingly popular option.  You will also benefit from all the same characteristics of a custom remap; smooth power delivery and a much more pleasant driving experience.

Diesel Fleet Fuel Saving

The savings of an economy map really manifest themselves when they are introduced for commercial and fleet operators.  Fuel savings of up to 20% are possible and the CO2 reductions are considerable.

From a fleet of a couple of vans to a much larger commercial operation, we have you covered.

Join the increasing number of major UK companies turning to fuel saving remaps as a significant cost saving measure.


Gearbox TCU Tuning

Modern twin-clutch paddle shift gearboxes such as DSG can be modified to shorten gear change speeds by up to 50%, a dramatic and dynamic upgrade which goes hand in hand with an ECU remap to enhance the overall driving experience.
This is a popular choice with track day 
enthusiasts or anyone that enjoys a dynamic drive.  Launch Control can also be added if desired, and is the ultimate way to realise your cars performance.

Advanced Diagnostics

Irrespective of customer tuning requirements, we always run a complete diagnostic check and advise on anything which could cause an issue, prior to commencing any remap.  If however you are experiencing issues at any other time and would like help and advice, don't hesitate to contact us.

We can diagnose and advise on solutions to return your vehicle to its former condition.


EGR/DPF/AdBlue Solutions

Fault codes often develop following an issue with Exhaust Gas Recirculation, Diesel Particulate Filter and AdB systems.  We are on hand to assist with professional level EGR/DPF cleaning and can offer a software solution in many cases *.


Persistent or nuisance ECU fault codes can sometimes be more than just an inconvenience.  We can not only identify, but also reset the code and should the problem persist, we can delete it for good, restoring your enjoyment and beating the frustration of staring at a warning light.

ECU Fault Code Reset/Delete

* The physical removal of a vehicles DPF is illegal and will fail an MOT.  We recommend therefore, this is only ever carried out for motorsport and special projects.

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