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Bench ECU Remapping in Dundee | TayTec Tuning


Where can I get Bench ECU Remapping in Dundee

In the world of ECU Tuning and Remapping there are several ways to install performance tuning software onto a cars ECU. The industry has moved on from chip tuning and generally now fuel maps and calibrations are held within the memory of the ECU.

How we access them defines the type of tuning - be it OBD or Bench Mode (sometimes called Service Mode).


OBDII diagnostic ports have been commonplace since the early 2000s and their introduction brought many benefits:

  • Common connection type for all manufacturers and workshops

  • Real time analysis of CAN data

  • Ability to flash software updates quickly and easily

  • Fault code reading and clearing

OBD tuning on the face of it seems like the obvious choice so why would we not opt to use it?

Tuning tool manufacturers must release the capability to tune every make and model of ECU they wish to support. Note here we say ECU as opposed to vehicle. The connection to the individual ECU is the important consideration, the vehicle it is fitted to is at this stage, irrelevant if we cannot access it. The connection type is known as a protocol and that protocol will be different from model to model and between OBD and Bench modes.

Some ECUs are supplied by vehicle manufacturers with anti-tune software. The Continental SID 212 is an example and you can read more about that here and also a solution offered by TayTec Tuning. Some ECUs are encrypted to prevent external interface via the OBD port so the tuning market needed another way to make the connection.

This is where Boot or Service Mode tuning comes in. This is the term used when the connections between ECU and tuning tool are made directly onto the multi way connectors on the ECU case by removing the need to do so through the OBD port and the various CAN BUS networks onboard the vehicle.

2021 RS6 ECU Location

This means access is required to the ECU connectors, which in some modern vehicles is simple due to the ECU being located in a very accessible spot

Magic Motorsport Flex Bench TayTec Tuning

Failing that, our technicians simply remove the ECU (following all manufacturer safety precautions) where it is transferred to the workshop bench for tuning….hence the term.


There are several advantages to tuning on the bench as opposed to OBD and while any tuning should only ever be carried out by well trained and accredited technicians, you can trust TayTec Tuning to carry out the process safely and professionally from start to finish.

Advantages of Bench over OBD Tuning include:

  • Wider range of supported ECU and vehicles vs OBD

  • Enables tuning of many manufacturer locked ECUs

  • Suitable when wiring faults or OBD plug damage is present

  • Faster file read and write times

  • No requirement to stabilise power to the whole vehicle during tuning – voltage is maintained on the bench with far less current draw

From the point at which the software is read, the process is the same although as mentioned, sometimes much quicker than via OBD.


You may have spoken to another tuner and been told

“Sorry your car is not supported” - This is something we hear a lot!

Not all tuning companies and the tools they use are the same

Not all ECUs are supported by all tools. Furthermore, not all tuners have access to all tools. At TayTec we use latest generation Alientech and Magic Motorsport tuning tools so we cover a far greater variety of ECUs and vehicles.


Get in touch today with your vehicle details and tuning requirements and we’ll be delighted to discuss the options with you for Bench ECU Remapping in Dundee

TayTec Tuning Alientech Magic Motorsport

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