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DPF Cleaning | Dundee | TayTec Tuning

It's an unfortunate fact that DPF systems are prone to issues, and while some manufacturers are more prone than others, it doesn't take much for a small issue to become very expensive £££....very quickly. So for all DPF Cleaning in Dundee, contact TayTec Tuning.

DPF Deletion is Illegal!

Illegal Gutted DPF

Firstly, we must point out the physical removal of a DPF from a UK road vehicle is illegal and will fail an MOT test. There are of course other situations where DPF Solutions are required, such as Motorsport or specialist projects and TayTec Tuning can assist. In the meantime, for an overview of how a DPF works and interacts with your vehicle, please see here

DPF Cleaning

In the main there are two methods of cleaning a DPF filter, either on the vehicle or by removing it first.

There are merits to both ways but at TayTec Tuning, we focus on in-situ cleaning, as we believe this offers not only the best value for money but the most thorough option.


Let’s explain more....................

We know that the purpose of the DPF is to trap harmful soot particles and through various means, convert them to harmless ash. There is very little to go wrong within the DPF itself, so aside from a cracked or physically damaged filter unit, every blocked DPF we see is related to something somewhere else on the vehicle, external to the DPF itself.

As we've said, the way in which the DPF carries out the conversion from soot to ash depends on the manufacturer, but normally involves generating temperatures high enough to burn soot, leaving harmless ash as the by-product. These temperatures can be around 700° C and can include the following methods:

  • DPF Regeneration - Excess heat is generated by deliberately using a rich fuel mixture. This can either be supplied by a fuel injector or vapouriser directly into the DPF, or by overfueling at the fuel injectors and activating the glow plugs to create the secondary combustion required to raise exhaust gas temperature sufficiently.

  • EOLYS or PAT Fluid - This is an additive contained in a separate tank on the vehicle (not to be confused with AdBlue systems). It is an iron-based liquid which when injected into the DPF reduces the combustion temperature of the soot, allowing it to be burned at a lower temperature.

Basically, we need to:

Increase exhaust temperatures to burn off the soot or

Reduce the temperature at which the soot combusts.

Forced DPF Regen - CAUTION!

Fire Risk!

Artificially raising exhaust temperatures on a blocked DPF can result in severe damage or fire. A Forced or Static Regeneration is not a DIY procedure and if carried out incorrectly can be incredibly dangerous.

Treat the Cause not the Symptom

We can see the DPFs reliance on many external components, so should a malfunction occur, in a seemingly unrelated system, the result is a DPF which cannot self-regulate and a blockage soon follows.

This demonstrates that its absolutely vital to use a DPF Cleaning specialist such as TayTec Tuning. We carry out a full diagnostic check prior to carrying out any work and by engaging with the customer early, we can avoid the cost of unnecessary repairs.

We have seen thousands of ££££ worth of more than likely perfectly good components replaced due to misdiagnosis. Turbochargers, manifolds, additive tanks, EGRs, coolers and DPFs themselves - all replaced only for the DPF to block a matter of miles later!

As part of the diagnostic scan we complete a thorough assessment of every possibly related component to get to the root cause of the issue. We rectify that problem first then follow up with a thorough on-vehicle clean of the DPF with our specialist cleaning system.

On Vehicle DPF Cleaning | Dundee | TayTec Tuning

TayTec Tuning DPF Cleaning Specialists

At TayTec we believe (and our customers agree) that on vehicle DPF cleaning has several advantages over removal for cleaning.

As discussed above, the interaction between the DPF and the many other systems on the vehicle needs to be fully assessed prior to the correct diagnosis being reached.

Without the DPF in place and a full diagnostic assessment being made, it is highly likely the root cause could be overlooked. There are several other advantages to our specialist DPF Cleaning System:

  • Full vehicle diagnostic assessment can be carried out - Free PDF report provided

  • Root cause can be identified

  • Real time data monitoring before, during and after

  • Avoids risk of physical damage to the expensive DPF

  • Can be carried out by our mobile service in 20-30 minutes

  • Vehicle can remain in use, not off the road - no inconvenience or loss of earnings for commercial vehicles

  • Removes risk of false diagnosis and fault coming straight back

Contact us for more info or to discuss DPF Cleaning in more depth for your vehicle and restore its health, or better yet, combine a DPF Clean with an ECU Remap for either Performance or Economy.

Taytec Tuning

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