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DSG & TCU Tuning and Remapping | Dundee | TayTec Tuning

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Who to trust with DSG and TCU Tuning and Remapping in Dundee, TayTec Tuning

What is a DSG Gearbox and why should I remap it?

Standing for Direct Shift Gearbox, and known by lots of manufacturer’s names such as S-Tronic, PowerShift or SpeedShift the DSG is an electronically controlled dual-clutch automatic transmission. It can be pictured as two independent gearboxes each with their own wet clutch contained within the same housing. The advantages to a DSG over a traditional automatic transmission are:

  • Fast and smooth gear changes

  • Optimised ratio for the driving conditions

  • Increased fuel economy

  • Reduced clutch wear compared to manual transmissions


How does a DSG Gearbox work?

The gear ratios are arranged on an outer and inner shaft (odd gears and reverse on the outer shaft, even gears on the inner) each with their own clutch. As the next gear is already pre-selected, the change from one gear to the next (from an odd gear to an even or vice versa) is achieved simply by controlling which clutch engages. This dramatically reduces change times to a matter of hundredths of a second.

DSG Gearbox Internal

How is a DSG gearbox controlled?

In the same way an engine requires an ECU, the Transmission requires a TCU or Transmission Control System.

The TCU needs to take inputs from many sensors on the car to decide which gear to select under which conditions and it works in cooperation with the ECU to ensure the best gear is in use for a given driving condition. In the same way as an ECU, the TCU is equally as responsive to tuning and this is where TayTec Tuning can help.

There is no question that a proper ECU remap carried out by a professional tuner such as TayTec Tuning offers the single biggest increase in performance, but when a DSG gearbox is present, there will come a point that the TCU will not allow the ECU its full potential and as a result will limit torque.

When an ECU remap is completed, we always recommend a TCU remap is also installed to ensure the TCU is recalibrated to work alongside the new ECU parameters and allow more torque to be transferred from engine and transmission resulting in more power and torque being available throughout the rev range.

We also have the ability to add custom features during the modification to improve the driving experience.

Working with industry leading recalibration software experts Viezu Performance Tuning we can provide the following improvements to your DSG TCU.

  • Increased torque limits to match remapped ECU

  • Increased max RPM and shift points

  • Faster gear shift times of up to 50%!

  • Increased clutch clamp force to reduce slip and wear

  • Optimised gearshift points in different driving modes. For example we can tailor at what RPM the change takes place in different modes (Normal, Race/Dynamic)

  • Customised launch control RPM

S-Tronic Lever

We offer custom tuning packages and discounts are available for combined ECU and TCU tuning. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements for DSG and TCU Tuning and Remapping in Dundee and we'd be happy to talk you through the advantages on your car.

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