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ECU Remapping - What Can I Expect?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

More Power | More Torque | More MPG

Simply put - a much more enjoyable performance driving experience!

Introduction to ECU Remapping - What Can I Expect?

We often get asked about ECU Remapping - What Can I Expect? on the day - let's discuss what to expect when you hand your vehicle over to TayTec Tuning for ECU Remapping

Confirmation and Basic Health Check

  • Your appointment will be confirmed the day before.

  • Our technician will arrive at the location of your choosing, introduce themselves and have a brief chat about your car and its history - just to establish general health and service history.

Diagnostic Check and Stabilisation

  • A basic health check is carried out on the vehicle to confirm everything appears well and ready for tuning.

  • Connecting to the vehicle with advanced diagnostic equipment, a full diagnostic check is carried out to reveal anything which may prevent us continuing. We will advise you of any fault codes and will remove any unrelated nuisance codes.

  • Prior to commencing the tuning stage, we need to establish a steady power supply to your vehicle so we will require a standard domestic socket nearby to plug our battery stabiliser into. This gives a constant secure power supply to counter any fluctuations during the next stage.

Taking Read and Sending to Master File Writers

  • Next, we connect our tuning tool to your vehicles OBD port and take a full read of the current software. At this stage, all that has happened is a copy of the software has been taken which means it is entirely possible to drive the car. Sometimes it suits a customer for us to take a read one day and return with the tuned software ready to install another day, whatever works best for you.

  • Once the read has been taken, the file is sent to our master file writers where the magic begins. Map parameters are manually adjusted in line with the customers direction for Performance, Economy or a blend of both. The file is then returned to us, usually in as little as an hour.

ECU Remapping TayTec Tuning

Writing the Tuned File and Final Checks

  • In a reverse process of the read, the tuned file is written to the ECU.

  • As carried out at the pre-tune stage, a full diagnostic health check is carried out to confirm nothing has changed during the tuning process.

  • We then always encourage a test drive which we can accompany you on, and won't leave until you are completely happy with the work carried out.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Further Support

That's it ! Our experienced technicians don't rush at any stage and although the process can sometimes be a lot faster, we always recommend allowing a couple of hours time frame.

We love to hear positive feedback but should anything crop up; perhaps you selected an Economy remap and would prefer some more performance - remember you have a full no quibble 30 day satisfaction guarantee, we will make any change to the software free of charge.

Further down the road, should any issue result in the removal of the map, usually caused by a service update from the manufacturer, we will happily reinstall your map, again free of charge.

TayTec Tuning is Your Trusted Tuning Partner

Serving Dundee and Surrounding Areas

It's all part of the service at TayTec, your tuning partner for ECU Remapping Dundee, supporting surrounding areas.

0330 030 3404

07555 582030

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