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Remap Stages Explained

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Remap Stages Explained, Just what are Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Engine Remaps

Ferrari 458 Tuning

Although there is no agreed standard, this is simply the level of remap required to support the level of tuning hardware.

Stage 1 Tuning

Stage 1 remapping can most easily be regarded as a "software only" solution. Significant improvement can be achieved over original performance but vehicle components are kept standard so the air filter and intake, exhaust (including catalytic converter) and Intercooler remain stock.

Additionally, with a Stage 1 remap there is no requirement to use a higher octane or performance fuel.


Stage 2 Tuning

The next step involves some hardware upgrades to enable an increased level of tune. As boost and ignition timing advance are increased there is a requirement for cooler charge air. This is achieved by an uprated intercooler, quite often front mounted to allow more flow.

Talking of air flow, as the engine develops more power it requires more air so the intake and filter is replaced to increase volume.

At the other end of the combustion cycle, the increase in exhaust gas volume must be handled with a free flowing exhaust system and catalytic converter as the standard exhaust and downpipe begins to struggle.

Certain vehicles can benefit from additional components such as uprated ignition coils and spark plugs and optimal performance in a turbocharged petrol vehicle is achieved with higher octane fuel, 98-99 RON.


Stage 3 Tuning

Moving further up the tuning levels involves the replacement of the turbocharger to allow increased boost pressure. To deal with that additional pressure, cylinder modifications can be required together with forged pistons etc.

At each tuning stage a remap from TayTec Tuning is tailored to your vehicle and the modifications you have. So from a simple Stage 1 remap to a Stage 3 track day weapon Contact us to discuss your requirements or for any advice.

Working with Viezu Performance Tuning, we can supply a vast array of aftermarket modifications to maximise our remaps giving you the best performance bang for buck.

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